About our network

Our Collect Points are carefully selected from premier pharmacies, dry cleaners, and convenience stores. We ensure that all of our locations have secure storage and friendly staff, and provide them with simple-to-use apps for iOS, Android, and Web to manage parcels in and out quickly and easily.

Network composition

Our network in numbers

We have over 2,500 locations in the UK today and, in partnership with Payzone, we’re growing to over 6,000 locations by 2018.

access_time  74% are open 7:00am to 9:00pm
date_range  81% are open 7 days a week
near_me  79% are within 1km of a transport hub

fiber_manual_record  65% Convenience Stores
fiber_manual_record  16% Dry Cleaners
fiber_manual_record  13% Pharmacies
fiber_manual_record  6% Other

We store parcels for up to 14 days so that your customers don’t have to worry if they can’t collect immediately. It's convenience on their schedule, not the courier's


We take delivery of larger dimension parcels than our peers - up to 20KG and 70cm x 70cm x 70cm. This means our Click & Collect solution caters for more of your products and more of your customers


Our computers 'never say no' - we have built multiple failsafes to ensure your customers can always pick up their parcels from our locations. No broken scanners or lack of collection codes to prevent pickup

Our Partners

We expand our network of Collect Points in collaboration with a number of national partners to provide coverage to as many consumers in the UK as possible.

Payzone UK is a British branded, leading consumer payments acceptance network that provides payment solutions and more to UK businesses.

Epay is one of the UK's largest suppliers of electronic payment solutions offering services at both large and small retailers across the UK.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust was established in 1988 and operate a network of charity shops around their Midlands base and further south.

Each of their pharmacies can offer a range of dispensing services alongside a selection of specialist services with private consultancy available.

The Impact Group is one of the largest independent groups of stationery, toys, greeting cards and party wholesale distributors.

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